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For foundation merchants, there is no expense beyond funding the reward for customers.

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Receive informative, meaningful, and accountable reporting to help you plan future promotions and rewards.

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Accepts all Visa and Mastercard, including debit and credit cards. Just enter your details once.

Support Local Businesses

Launching in the City of Sydney from 2023 - starting through Surry Hills, Glebe, Redfern and nearby locations starting early 2023.

Redeem your rewards

Earn cashback with each purchase made at participating merchants, online and in-store. Your cash rewards are regularly paid into your nominated account. You even have the opportunity to win back your purchase value each month. How cool is that!

Home benefits

Support Local: Local Rewards By & For Small Business

1. “Local Rewards” isn’t just another loyalty program, it’s the only one in Australia that gives back to shoppers, businesses, and local non-profit organisations. The best part? The money gets re-invested back into the community, making a positive impact where it matters most.

2. Unlike other loyalty programs, “Local Rewards” is all about the community. We partner with local Not-for-profits and local businesses to create a network that benefits everyone.

3. With “Local Rewards,” businesses aren’t made to navigate a sea of schemes, options and get into a discounting spiral. They get to show off what makes them unique, reward local loyal customers and introduce new customers via the network of neighbouring precincts.


Strengthen Communities with Local Rewards

Local Rewards, a collaboration between local business chambers, government entities, retailers, and the Local Precincts Alliance, champions community growth.
Founding members include the Surry Hills Creative Precinct, Glebe Chamber of Commerce, Broadway-Darlington, and Redfern-Waterloo Precincts in Sydney. This distinctive Australian programme amplifies benefits for shoppers, businesses, and not-for-profits alike. It not only boosts business loyalty but also rewards shoppers with cashbacks and perks upon linking their Mastercard or Visa to the app.
Link once, shop always, and enjoy rewards effortlessly.
Ready to redefine loyalty and bolster local growth? Enrol in Local Rewards. Open to all eligible cardholders, this is your chance to shop intelligently and elevate your community.
Local Precincts, a non-profit, amalgamates business partnerships and communities for collective growth and precinct enhancement.

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